Last updated: 27.Sep.98
The Political Information Exchange
Text Services for Left / Progressive Politics

-- Our mission statement --

To do everything we can to help
bring transparency to the left
and to the world of political ideas.

Now, at long last,
"fit for human consumption"
and ready for Beta testing:

-- Project MAD --

Know of a web site, newspaper story,
magazine article, book or movie
that you want to review
and tell the world about ?

Media Abstract Discussion (MAD)
is the place to do it.

We are still learning to crawl so please be patient with our clumsiness.
Our first year of experimental operation has just begun and
our initial efforts will be subject to glitches and our own incompetence.

A Future Project:

-- Project PAD --

Have a leaflet, article or theoretical work
you want to share with the world ?
Upload it to our Progressive Article Database (PAD)
and it will be permanently archived
and (in a primitive form) indexed on the web.

We plan to offer:
  • Free
  • Web-based archive, search and retrieval service
  • for progressive public-domain text
What we will not offer:
  • No copyrighted material -- public domain only
  • No pictures -- text only
  • No virulently racist, sexist or homophobic ravings

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